Key Capabilities
Pulse Secure vADC Solutions
Key Capabilities - Pulse Virtual Traffic Manager
Layer 7 Intelligence
  • Application-aware optimization for virtual and cloud services
  • Global load balancing with intelligent service routing
  • Inspect traffic in real time and control services levels
  • Auto-scale applications with service-level monitoring
  • Enterprise Edition includes WAF, WCO and FIPS 140-2 Level 1

Build Secure, Robust Applications
  • N+M clustering for increased reliability and scalability
  • Global load balancing even between cloud regions
  • Service-level monitoring with application auto-scaling
  • Cloud bursting and cloud balancing
  • Protect against traffic surges and unwanted requests

Visibility and Control
  • Bandwidth management and traffic shaping to differentiate service levels
  • Graphical views and analytics for traffic inspection
  • Customize with high-performance rules using TrafficScript
  • Service automation using REST API
  • Building-block for ADC-as-a-Service
  • Easy to use, with intuitive service management

Key Capabilities - Pulse Services Director
Flexible on-demand licensing
  • Up to 50 percent cost savings by right-sizing ADC services
  • Detailed usage reporting with usage-based business model
  • Pay as you grow pricing reduces CAPEX cost due to overprovisioning

Enterprise Management
  • Powerful, intuitive analytics to give deep insight into end-to-end traffic flows
  • Centralized Backup and Restore for Traffic Manager instances
  • Centralized authentication and policy tools for managed ADCs

Open API Integration
  • Reduce the amount of time it takes to deploy applications
  • Automated installation, licensing, and metering of ADC services
  • Easy integration into any network, including SDN architectures

Multi-tenant platform
  • High-density ADC services for multi-tenancy
  • Dedicated ADC instances, each with unique security credentials and policies
  • Scale up and out for right-sizing large-scale applications

Key Capabilities - Pulse Virtual Web Application Firewall
Massive Scalability
  • Unique distributed architecture to secure the largest global applications
  • Scale dynamically across CPUs, VMs and servers
  • Distributed clustering between sites and even between cloud regions
  • Leverage cloud technologies for scalable policy enforcement

Distributed Control, Delegated Access
  • Role-based access control, including administrator and audit privileges
  • Delegate security policies for individual clients and applications
  • Granular settings for each application and local customization
  • Central control for regular baseline updates and profiles

Proactive Screening
  • Protect against attacks at the application layer (e.g., OWASP Top10)
  • Help compliance with PCI-DSS and HIPAA by filtering of outgoing data
  • Simplified ruleset configuration using setup wizards and web console
  • Integrate statistics and logging with existing SIEM systems

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