vADC Business Transition Information
Pulse Secure has now acquired the vADC business from Brocade.

Information for vADC Customers and Partners

Last updated November 17th 2017

This page will be updated frequently. Please check back for the latest updates

Pulse Secure has now acquired the assets associated with the Virtual Application Delivery Controller (vADC) product family from Brocade Communications Systems, Inc. This includes all associated customer support and maintenance contracts.

Please refer to these Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for additional information of how Pulse Secure can help you moving forward with your vADC solution.

Registration will start on 12/04/2017

Cutover Timeline
Business as usual
Call: 1-844-751-7629 or
Webinar on Support Tools
Webinar on Pulse Secure support tools, services overview, and escalation process for vADC customers
Phone only support
Call: 1-844-751-7629
Systems Cuttoff, Data Migration
Brocade stops case management, software downloads, and license activations for vADC products. Phone and web requests are redirected to Pulse Secure
Phone and web support
Call: 1-844-751-7629 or onboarding starts
vADC customers can start creating their accounts at Please do not create your account before December 4th, 2017 9:00AM PST
End of Brocade Redirects
Brocade stops redirecting phone and web request to Pulse Secure

Need Help During the Cutover Period?

Contact Pulse Secure Support: 1-844-751-7629 (Toll Free, US) Click here for local support contact numbers.

Customer FAQs

Frequently asked questions for new and existing Pulse Secure customers.

I'm an existing Brocade vADC customer, what will happen to me?
What has been announced?
What does this mean for Pulse Secure and Brocade vADC customers?
How will this transaction impact existing products?
How will this transaction impact new features pipeline?

Support FAQs

Customer support frequently asked questions.

I have an active support contract with Brocade. How will this be handled?
Who do I contact to file a support ticket?
How do I access Support Tools?
Will existing vADC customers receive the same level of support service?

Partner FAQs

Frequently asked questions for new and existing Pulse Secure partners.

What does this mean for partners/vendors?
Can Pulse Secure Connect Now partners now start to sell the vADC product? Or can vADC partners sell Pulse Secure solutions?
Should customers continue with current purchases?
Is there a Pulse Partner Logo?
Where can I get Pulse logos and product copy?
Where can I find the price list?
What does the partner program look like?
What will our discounts be for Select, Premier, Elite partners?
Accreditations that we already have as a partner, will we need to do these again under Pulse?
How do I access the SPLA Portal?
Will the SPLA billing process change?
Are there going to be any changes to the vADC pricing?
Are VARs still able to go to any authorized distributor for pricing?
What will happen to existing Deal Reg/Quotes with Brocade after July 31?
After July 31 what happens to any POs that come in?
Which entity do I send POs to? If I am in EMEA, APJ or USA?
Why am I getting another copy of the vADC quote I already received? 
What if I submit a PO for a vADC solution to Brocade after July 31?
Who can customers contact if they have any additional questions not addressed in this FAQ?