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Visibility-Enhanced. Deployment-Streamlined.

A key element of the Advanced and Enterprise Edition of Pulse Secure’s Suite, Pulse Policy Secure offers the visibility and enforcement capabilities required for enterprise secure access.   In Release 5.4, Pulse Policy Secure has become more integrated with other Pulse offerings for secure access enhancements. With Pulse Connect Secure 8.3, Policy Secure now offers an optimized secure cloud application access experience for end-users.  The single-sign-on benefits that were offered for remote users is now available for on-site users. With Pulse Workspace, Pulse Policy Secure provides compliance check for on-premise mobile devices connecting via corporate WiFi and seamless BYOD access during the transition from cellular to WiFi network without entering additional credentials.

More importantly, as end-users’ access evolves along with the onboarding of Internet of Things, enterprises need increased visibility into those devices and ensure grant access based on corporate compliance policies are consistent across remote and onsite. Pulse Policy Secure 5.4 enables IT admins to provide a single pane of glass view for device visibility with contextual information across the network. Pulse Policy Secure’s profiler can detect and classify managed/unmanaged endpoints coming from remotely and locally connected network.

As Pulse Policy Secure continues to optimize the secure access experience, Pulse Secure has focused on the usability of the deployment and management experiences.  With Light-touch-deployment and one-click Pulse Connect Secure configuration import, IT admins can deploy Pulse Policy Secure quick and easy.

Likewise, new integration with Fortinet Authenticator and firewall provides additional context-aware information, including user identity and device security compliance, where customer can extend NAC/BYOD to perimeter defense.

This latest version of Pulse Policy Secure enables our customers to:

  • Provide precise device contextual information using CDP/LLDP, WMI, MDM, RSPAN DHCP, SNMP traps profiling methods in addition to DHCP, Nmap, SNMP, HTTP UA.
  • Seamless mobility by providing compliance check for On-premise mobile devices
  • Extend NAC/BYOD to perimeter defense via Identity-based integration with Fortinet Authenticator/Firewall
  • Extend 802.1x authentication support IPv6-enabled endpoints
  • Provide secure access for BYOD devices with L2/L3 agentless session.

Additional details about Pulse Policy Secure (PPS), Version 5.4 is here

Now, if you want to get a snapshot of what is on your network, please reach out to your Pulse Secure solutions contact for the profiler assessment report.

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