Workspace Description

Has your mobile strategy outgrown the use of Exchange ActiveSync for device management? Rather than deploy a new enterprise mobility management (EMM) platform, you can simply activate the integrated EMM capabilities of Pulse Secure. Pulse Secure makes it easy to support BYOD, mobile apps and cloud services from iOS and Android devices. Pulse One lets IT administrators control enterprise access to the data center and cloud from one management console. It enables converged policy management for security appliances and the mobile devices that connect to them. Pulse Workspace is the perfect container for “bring your own device” (BYOD), with security that separates enterprise and employee data, supports enterprise wipe, and can be used with any mobile app. Together, they provide a holistic solution that is userfriendly as well as easy to deploy and administer.

Enterprise access management made easy

Harness the power of enterprise mobility without the headaches of deploying a new platform. Pulse Secure provides a holistic solution that is cloud-deployed and integrates directly with your VPN. Manage iOS and Android users to a single security and compliance standard that protects corporate information while also enabling the use of mobile apps, BYOD and cloud services.

Users love Pulse Workspace because it lets them use the device they prefer for work with a native user experience and seamless access to the apps and services they need.

BYOD Workspace - Workspace separation ensures user privacy and a native user experience.

Device Choice - Support for iOS and Android enables the use of preferred devices for work.

Easy Access - SSO with certificate-based authentication gives easy access with the touch of an app.

App Choice - Access to enterprise-approved apps in the Apple App Store and Google Play enables the use of Microsoft Office and other popular app suites.

Enterprises rely on Pulse One to expand and simplify mobility to meet their business and operational needs.

Service Auto-Provisioning - Automatic configuration of user’s email, VPN and Wi-Fi settings eliminates help desk calls.

Container Security - A single security standard for iOS and Android that includes encryption of all data, controlled data sharing between apps, on-demand VPN, policy-based split tunneling, and enterprise wipe.

Single Sign-On - Eliminate the need for passwords with Workspace SSO. Users can access any mobile app simply by unlocking their Workspace and touching an app. No more password problems and help desk calls.

Compliance Enforcement - Host checking for iOS jailbreak and Android rooting ensures safeguards are persistent.

Cloud Access - SSO with device hostchecking ensures that only authorized users with compliant devices access Office 365, Box, Dropbox and other cloud services.

App Management - Curate by group a catalog of enterprise apps that can be mandatorily pushed or optionally downloaded.