Pulse Virtual ADC solution for Software and Cloud

Delivering Agile, Responsive Applications

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Delight your users, with faster, more reliable applications, with no compromise on performance or security. More than just a software load balancer, Pulse vADC drives more transactions, even at peak load conditions, ensuring continuous uptime and real-time security monitoring of application traffic.

  • Enhanced User Experience: Enhance your customer experience and grow your business with more attractive and responsive services.
  • Higher Performance: Increase systems efficiency and boost the throughput of application servers and security by up to 50%.
  • Lower Costs: Reduce costs with flexible capacity-based licensing. Pulse vADC is natively designed for virtualization and cloud portability.
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IDC Spotlight: Business Agility with Pulse Services Director

Learn how Pulse Services Director helped a global business and IT services company achieve real business agility and up to 368% ROI, with a new approach to application delivery.

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The Virtual ADC (vADC): Administration and Configuration Training Course provides in-depth training as well as access to several hands-on labs.

Pulse Virtual Traffic Manager

Pulse vTM provides unprecedented scale and flexibility to enhance the performance and security of applications across the widest range of environments, from physical and virtual data centers to public and hybrid clouds.

Pulse Services Director

Why pay for ADC capacity you don’t need or use? Right-size your virtual ADCs with Pulse Services Director, and automate the provisioning and management of thousands virtual ADCs, driving significant cost savings with true capacity-based licensing.

Pulse Virtual Web Application Firewall

Pulse vWAF is a scalable web application firewall, offering the highest protection and performance for Web and cloud application security. Secure your applications, help meet PCI-DSS compliance requirements, and protect application layer attacks (eg, OWASP Top Ten)

Pulse vADC Solution

ADC ArchitectureDiagram

The Pulse vADC Solution is composed of three products which can be combined to suit the needs of any application.