Transform Your Application Delivery Services

Right-size your application delivery services, with Pulse Secure vADC and Services Director

Right-Size your ADCs for Agile Applications

Is your IT infrastructure holding you back? Do you need to roll out new applications in a multi-cloud environment, without over provisioning resources? Transform your application delivery services, with an advanced architecture that automates the management, licensing, and metering of virtual network services tailored for your needs.

  • Dramatic Cost Savings: Why pay for capacity you don’t need? Take control of your vADC usage with Pulse Virtual Services Director’s capacity-based licensing.
  • Powerful Graphical Analytics: Intuitive graphical analysis to give deep insight into end-to-end traffic flows
  • Rapid Multi-Cloud Deployment: Roll out new application delivery services up to ten times faster than traditional solutions
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Don’t Get Left Behind

Are your application delivery controllers holding you back? Traditional ADC solutions were designed for yesterday’s data centers, and they weren’t meant to move with the times. They don’t fit into modern virtual and cloud architectures, and these legacy assets can hold back your IT transformation.

Over-Provisioned, Under-Utilized
Many traditional ADCs and load balancers never reach their full potential, because they are over-provisioned with excess capacity which may never be used, since it takes too long to expand resources with a forklift upgrade.

Application (In)visibility
Can your ADC help you correlate application performance problems across clusters and data centers? Or are you lost in a sea of unstructured data, with no way to spot trends and patterns in today’s complex applications?

Inflexible ADCs
Your IT infrastructure is constantly changing, with new applications being launched all the time, and old applications being retired. Shouldn’t your ADCs and load balancers flex with the demands of your IT infrastructure?

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Capacity-Based Licensing for true ADC-as-a-Service

Why pay for ADC capacity you don’t need or use? Pulse Services Director takes the guesswork out of sizing application delivery services, so there is no need to pre-purchase ADC capacity in advance. With this new usage-based business model, you are in control of your costs: you can allocate the charges for internal and external client applications based, for true ADC-as-a-Service.

Right-Size your ADCs 
With Pulse vADC’s unique capacity-based licensing, you can decide how much capacity each application should use. Start small, add capacity only when you need it. Add more capacity to a growing application  from your central resource pool, or dial back down as application needs change, and reuse/reallocate as needed.


Powerful Analytics
Gain insight into your applications with a powerful analytics tool that analyzes end-to-end traffic flows. Eliminating the need to sift through mountains of raw data, Virtual Services Director helps you explore and visualize the traffic flows to develop actionable insights, drill down to identify the root cause of performance problems, and optimize your applications.

On-demand Provisioning 
Deploy new application delivery services in minutes, reducing time to market for new applications and services. Create new vADC instances instantly on a per-application or per-tenant basis, start and stop instances for service migration, and pre-provision vADCs for even faster “instantly-on” services.

Feature Highlights

Capacity-Based Licensing

Capacity-Based Licensing

Build more attractive and responsive application with a fast and reliable user experience.

Powerful Graphical Analytics

Powerful Graphical Analytics

Scale up and out for extreme performance.

Rapid Deployment

Rapid Deployment

Scale out with intelligence N+M clustering for reliability and throughput.



Boost the throughput of application servers by up to 50%, by offloading SSL and compression.

Agile ADC Provisioning

Agile ADC Provisioning

Reduce time-to-market by creating application delivery services in minutes not hours and days.

Detailed Usage Reporting

Detailed Usage Reporting

Usage-based model make it easy to charge back to each line of business for closer control of costs.

Open APIs

Open APIs

Integrate directly into network and service provisioning systems with a powerful REST-based API.

Service Provider Licensing

Service Provider Licensing

On-demand ADC provisioning for Cloud Service Providers.

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Automatically provision, deploy, license, meter, and manage the inventory of thousands of virtual ADCs in an “as-a-service” model using the Pulse Virtual Traffic Manager as the core application delivery platform:

  • Capacity Management: Share capacity between a number of vADC instances
  • Demand management: Dial resources up and down to meet changes in demand
  • Monitoring: Continuous health checks for your fleet of vADCs
  • Licensing: Automated license key administration and renewal
  • Metering: Usage tracking to allow charge back to individual app owners

Elastic Application Delivery

Complete Lifecycle Management for Agile Applications

Pulse Secure Services Director lets you automatically provision, deploy, license, meter, and manage the inventory of thousands of ADCs in an “as-a-service” model, using the Pulse Virtual Traffic Manager as the core application delivery platform.

Pulse Services Director also enables a new consumption model for customers deploying ADC services. This allows ADC services to be scaled elastically and be right-sized on demand to suit each application in your data center, offering high density, full isolation, and multi- tenancy capabilities.

Flexible and on-demand licensing
Why pay for ADC capacity you don’t need or use? Pulse Services Director takes the guesswork out of sizing application delivery services, so there is no need to pre-provision excess ADC capacity in advance.

Enterprise Scalability
Manage the lifecycle of thousands of vADC instances under the same shared resourcing pool, with a high-level view of vADC utilization across your data center and cloud deployments.

Agile ADC provisioning
Deploy application delivery services in minutes, reducing time to market for new applications and services, and even pre-provision vADC instances for even faster “instant-on” services.

Reporting and Service Visibility
Comprehensive suite of reports for intuitive point-in-time information on utilization, health and performance for managed applications.

Powerful Graphical Analytics
Intuitive graphical analysis to give deep insight into end-to-end traffic flows and transactions, helping you to understand how traffic flows through your vTM estate, and identify performance problems and application issues

Centralized Backup/Restore
Set backup and restore policies centrally from Services Director; No need to manage backups for each individual Traffic Manager.

Agile Applications for Multi-Cloud Architectures

Wherever you need application and network services, Pulse Services Director can transform the way you provision and manage ADC and load balancer services across regions and technology platforms.

Datacenter Transformation: Pulse vADC is designed for the future, not for the past. Use Pulse Services Director to help your transformation from static systems to a new agile infrastructure, with dynamic provisioning and on-demand services.

Multi-Cloud Support: Pulse vADC is not just portable between cloud platforms, you can dynamically flex your architecture between clouds to suit the needs of different applications, and the changes in demand for different user communities.

Agile and DevOps: Complete lifecycle support, with a common ADC architecture from development to deployment. Use exactly the same toolset in testing as you would in production, with support for Continuous Delivery and Continuous Integration to support rapid release cycles.

Cloud Service Providers: Offer Pulse vADC and Services Director solutions as a part of your own cloud catalog. Build tailored feature packaging to match other solutions in your portfolio, and offer true usage-based solutions to global enterprises.

Flexible Deployment Options

Pulse Virtual Services Director lets you build a truly flexible application delivery infrastructure which complements your data center transformation strategy. No need to decide how many vADCs you will need to deploy. You can start small, and create virtual services to manage applications in a phased approach.

Capacity-Based Licensing
Deploy as many vADCs of any size as you need. The only limit is the total flexible capacity in your resource pool, defined by the Bandwidth Packs installed. This means you can draw an unlimited number of instances, subject to the overall licensed bandwidth limits.

Bandwidth Packs
Pulse Services Director uses the concept of Bandwidth Packs to provide a poll of flexible capacity for deploying Pulse vADC services. Each Base Bandwidth Pack adds to this pool, and each vADC instance reserves a portion of the resource pool for its own exclusive use.

Start Small, Grow Quickly
Increase the available capacity using additional Bandwidth Packs. There is no requirement to purchase the same capacity of add-on bandwidth packs each time, and you can assign capacity and capabilities only to those instances that need it.

Feature Tiers
Bandwidth packs are available in two key feature tiers, the Advanced Edition with the most common ADC capabilities, and the Enterprise Edition including WAF, WCO and more.

Analytics Packs
Bandwidth Packs can be enhanced by adding an Analytics Pack.  Analytics capacity can be assigned to instances to enable export or capture of data for the Analytics Application. For Analytics packs, the throughput refers to the capacity of the vADC instance itself, not to the data capture rate.

Dramatic Cost Savings, Flexible Deployment Options

Pulse Services Director’s capacity-based licensing lets you right-size agile applications, so you can adapt to rapidly-changing requirements. Never again install ADC capacity that you may never use, and share and reallocate resources across all your applications, whether virtual, cloud or on dedicated server appliances.

  • Start Small, Grow Quickly: Pulse Services Director helps agile development, with a low-risk, rapid implementation model. Create small services, add more capacity whenever you need to, and scale up and out for global applications.
  • Deep Insight into End-to-End Traffic Flows: Identify and resolve performance problems more quickly, with a powerful analytical application that gives you incredible insights into end-to-end traffic flows.
  • 10x Faster Application Provisioning: Pulse vADC offers a complete set
    of tools to deploy services rapidly, wherever and whenever they are needed. ADC instances can be deployed in minutes, rather than weeks, and can be adapted quickly to meet changing workloads and application updates.

What Our Customers Say


"Pulse Services Director offers a complete platform that can go 100% virtual, and offers more scalability than competing products."

Network Architect, Global IT Services organization

“Pulse Services Director has enabled us to have conversations we couldn’t have before because our support for applications is performing at the highest levels, and our pricing model supports a forward-looking mindset.”

Web Operations Manager, Cosentry