Get Faster Application Access with Pulse Virtual Traffic Manager

Enhance user experience and reduce your costs with a scalable virtual load balancing and application delivery solution

Pulse Secure's Network Traffic Manager features High Performance Load Balancing and Application Delivery

Application delivery controllers (ADCs) are a critical part of modern enterprise applications, as they improve load-balancing, reliability, availability and security. With unmatched scalability and performance, unique customizability and fine-grained control of users and services, Pulse Virtual Traffic Manager is a network traffic manager purpose-built for the most demanding virtual and cloud application environments.

  • Build and deliver more attractive and responsive applications, with a fast and reliable user experience, and optimizing performance of critical transactions
  • Purpose-built software-defined application delivery platform for the new generation of virtual and cloud applications
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Solution Brief: Optimal Gateway Selection

Learn about Optimal Gateway Selection for enhanced user experience

Business Continuity with Pulse Secure

Want to improve your SLAs and protect against service failure? Find out how Pulse Virtual Traffic Manager can protect against outages

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Learn how Pulse's network traffic manager delivers faster, more reliable access to public websites and enterprise applications.

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Are your Applications Letting You Down?

Unhappy customers? Application Overload? Security Vulnerabilities? Cloud and network latency problems? Pulse Secure can help you take back control of your applications, to deliver a more consistent and responsive user experience in the most demanding environments.

Slow applications?
Are your users complaining about poor performance? Are your customers frustrated by slow transactions? Slow business applications negatively impact employee productivity, while slow e-commerce applications can directly lead to lost customers and abandoned shopping carts.

Outage overload?
70% of IT professionals are not confident that their applications will be able to meet their SLAs when they are overloaded during traffic surges.  Applications are most at risk of outages at the very moment that they are needed the most – Black Friday, Disaster Recovery, Campaign launches – and organizations risk losing reputation and revenue

Vulnerable Applications?
How long does it take to push out application updates? How quickly can you resolve critical vulnerabilities in third-party applications? If your application infrastructure is not agile, then your developers have to wait, held back by traditional change procedures, and they can only update applications during planned update windows

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Transform Application Delivery and Responsiveness

Pulse Virtual Traffic Manager can transform the way you manage your users and applications, exceeding user expectations and delighting your customers.

High Performance and Reliability
Offload compute-intensive tasks such as SSL/TLS termination and intelligent content caching for reduced load on your application infrastructure. Protocol offload, traffic buffering, and concurrency control let your applications run at peak performance.

Service Protection
Protect applications with server isolation, request and response scrubbing, request validation, and protective traffic shaping. Defend against direct attacks, invalid or malformed requests, and malicious or incidental flash floods.

Software-Defined Policies
Implement business policies with Pulse Secure RuleBuilderTMand Pulse Secure TrafficScriptTM language or create JavaTMextensions for complex business rules. Integrate Pulse Virtual Traffic Manager within existing application management and orchestration infrastructure with REST APIs.

Feature Highlights

Enhanced User Experience

Enhanced User Experience

Build more attractive and responsive application with a fast and reliable user experience.

Higher Performance

Higher Performance

Scale up and out for extreme performance.

Intelligent Clustering

Intelligent Clustering

Scale out with intelligence N+M clustering for reliability and throughput.

Greater Efficiency

Greater Efficiency

Boost the throughput of application servers by up to 50%, by offloading SSL and compression.

Lower Costs

Lower Costs

Builds more attractive and responsive application with a fast and reliable user experience.

Cloud Portability

Cloud Portability

Scale up and out for extreme performance.

Visibility and Control

Visibility and Control

Scale out with intelligence N+M clustering for reliability and throughput.

Easy to Use

Easy to Use

Boost the throughput of application servers by up to 50%, by offloading SSL and compression.

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Purpose Built to Deliver More Responsive Applications

Pulse Virtual Traffic Manager ensures high application accessibility with unmatched scalability and performance.

Powerful Traffic Management Capabilities

Load Balancing
Intelligent load balancing for IPv4 and IPv6 traffic, with a range of built-in LB algorithms, or create custom LB algorithms to suit specific application needs.

SSL/TLS Offload
Off-load SSL/TLS key exchanges and decryption to optimize application performance, and simplify key management for large-scale web applications.

Bandwidth Management
Set bandwidth limits on specific applications or domains, or reserve bandwidth for critical services, and enforce access limits based on user, service or location.

Unmatched scale and performance, with support for multi-core CPU to scale up, or scale out for massive N+M clustering for reliability and throughput across hybrid cloud architecture

RESTful Control API
Simplify administration of large/complex configurations, with configuration and service orchestration, and automate configuration changes in response to an event.

Rate Shaping
Restrict the number of requests (per minute or per second) to a service, to optimize user experience, prioritize valuable users and transactions, and even limit unwanted traffic such as spiders or repeated downloads

Demand More From Your Applications

Online Applications
E-commerce and retail sites, customer portals and online gaming all demand the highest performance and customized experiences. Prioritize transactions and services so you can deliver the best experience to your best customers. Optimize and accelerate workloads, leveraging cloud delivery networks with on-the-fly-updates to optimize your web performance.

Pulse Secure Access Solutions
Enhance your Secure Access architecture, using Pulse Traffic Manager to support and scale out Pulse Connect Secure and Pulse Policy Secure, for global VPN gateways and enterprise-wide NAC solutions.

Business Applications
Enhance employee productivity and collaboration tools such as Exchange, SharePoint and Financials software. Meeting your IT scalability and reliability goals, without sacrificing user satisfaction.

Cloud Service Providers
Offer Pulse vADC solutions as a part of your own cloud catalog. Build tailored feature packaging to match other solutions in your portfolio, and offer true usage-based solutions to global enterprises.

Flexible Deployment Options

Pulse Virtual Traffic Manager is purpose-built for virtual and cloud environments, able to optimize applications whether they run in a public cloud, private cloud or virtualized environment.

  • Configure a fixed-sized Traffic Manager, with a static license key, for individual applications.
  • Alternatively, use Pulse Services Director to buy flexible capacity, shared across all your applications, for dramatic cost savings with our ADC-as-a-Service capability.

Virtual Appliance: The most common deployment options, with support for a range of hypervisors including VMware, KVM, Microsoft Hyper-V and Oracle VM.

Software: Pure software download, offering maximum flexibility for IT architects or OEMs.

Cloud: Integration with leading cloud service providers. Available on the marketplace for Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Engine.

Bare Metal: ISO image or for PXE installation. Ideal for deploying load balancer services on high-performance Intel x86 servers.

Flexible Licensing Options

Perpetual: Simply choose the feature set and capacity up front, for fixed-sized applications

Subscription: Choose a fixed feature set and capacity, for a 12 or 36-month term, giving you the flexibility to scale up or down

Cloud Marketplace: Buy simple pay-as-you-go services from leading cloud partners, or move an existing license key across to your cloud instance. 

Capacity-Based Licensing: Pulse Services Director provides a usage-based model for maximum flexibility in fast-changing environments and for centralized licensing across your data center.

Delight Your Users

Exceed your users’ expectations, with faster, more responsive applications, and integrate with DevOps workflow to support rapid release cycles.

Optimize User Experience: More responsive web applications lead to more clicks, more conversions, and more completed transactions. Prioritize high-value customers and push personalized content, and enhance the user experience through content-based routing to dedicated application resources.

Peak Performance: Be prepared for traffic surges, by implementing intelligent traffic shaping and prioritization. Take control of your SLA, by focusing on loyal customers during peak periods, and suppressing background traffic such as bots, spiders and casual browsers.

Agile Applications: Roll out application updates faster than ever before, with full automation through open APIs, and integration with open-source orchestration tools. Integrate with Continuous Delivery development processes, and reduce the time needed to implement changes in business policy and workflow.

What Our Customers Say


“Pulse vADC was critical in our migration to a virtual infrastructure, because it is completely software-based and has maximum portability. This gives us the flexibility to jump between cloud providers.”

Tim Maliyil, CEO, Alertboot

"With a faster website, the number of page views increased, which naturally led to higher conversion rates and an increase in orders."

Technical Director, Maison du Monde